The name "Ibda'a," ( ابداع ) is translated from Arabic as "creation" or "creative ability".   Ibda'a Cultural Center (Ibda'a) is a grassroots community-based project in the West Bank's Palestinian Dheisheh refugee camp. Since its foundation in 1994, Ibda'a has served more than 2000 children, youth and women annually and provides employment and income to some families in the camp. The Ibda'a mission is to create a positive atmosphere for children, youth and women in the refugee camp to assist them in developing creativity and leadership skills through a range of social, cultural and educational activities. Ibda'a believes that, by empowering the most vulnerable trough offering training in skills from diverse fields, Ibdaa provides a space for Palestinian Refugees to activate their role in society and participate in public needs and concerns. Due to these activities and training Ibda'a will instill a culture of democracy and acceptance of others, away from all forms of prejudice. The Ibda'a goals serve as a compass for all activities and describe how the Ibdaa family behaves inside and outside the camp. Through art, dance, music, media, education,


To build Palestinian children’s capacities in all paths: cultural, technical, health, sporting, and academic.
Focus on building women’s capacities as child caretakers.
Promote the youth sector as the extension of childhood phase.
Raise community awareness of the importance of childhood and how to deal with children.


Ibda'a Kindergarten 21 graduation
I bdaa Kindergarten celebrated the graduation of the 21st class this May, the families of the

Facts and achievements

  • Ibdaa child and young members tour the globe, prompting the late President Yasser Arafat to call them the “Ambassadors of Palestine”. Ibdaa won the title of Most Active Institution in Palestine following a survey organized by AlHayat Newspaper in 2006. Ibdaa Art Group presented distinguished performances worldwide including a performance in the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York and another at the World Church Union Meeting in Washington. It also performed in the festivities of Native American population of the USA in 1999 and won the first place at the festival of “Algeria Capital of the Arab Culture” competing against 18 Asian and African groups. Ibdaa

  • Ibdaa children have participated in international camps in Hungry, France, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Morocco, and Tunisia. Moreover, it has organized a number of international camps and holds four annual summer camps for its beneficiaries. Ibdaa receives foreign delegations from different nations on daily basis and offers camp tours that including an informative presentation of the Palestinian history, occupation, and the reality of living in a refugee camp. Ibdaa provides grants and financial aid to university students every year through scholarships in local and international universities. The Swedish Olaf Palma International Center nominated Ibda'a for an

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